Target the right person in the right place, at the right time.

Digital media is at the heart of Nectar. Our bespoke plans target relevant audiences in brand-safe environments. You can choose from social media and programmatic activities to build your brand, or acquire and retain customers. Your digital campaigns can also be
integrated with in-store channels, putting your brand front of mind right at the point of purchase.

Our digital, planning and analytics experts create a bespoke targeting plan that works for your brand’s core objectives. The Design Studio team advise and produce content for both social media and programmatic activities. And to track the actual performance of your campaigns, we give you optimised real sales data.

Programmatic is real-time online advertising. It enables you to optimise your targeting based on weather, location and other parameters. We select the most relevant audience to your brand based on actual purchase behaviour. We then use transactional data to target look-alike customers. This way we extend the reach of your campaign and directly target known and unknown customers at scale. Our programmatic offers web banners sharing relevant ads with audiences across devices and channels.

Social media are perfect for brand stories. We engage targeted customers who are the most likely to interact with your products. Our campaigns run across Facebook and Instagram with a mixture of static and video content. This maximises your brand exposure to the right audiences. We then serve and optimise display ads across all devices to a carefully curated, relevant audience.

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Nectar Loyalty

A 360° view of customer engagement.
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Little Glass campaign


Driving campaign relevance, to targeted meaningful shoppers.