My Sainsburys Argos journey began as a shy seventeen-year-old Christmas Temp

… my first job – there I began my training in life, work and making my way in the world. I learnt a lot in store and had no doubt I wanted to remain with the business which had shaped me, but maybe more positioned to inspiring our customers.

I was successful in securing two different seconded positions within the business – Argos Display team & Argos email team where I worked with multiple stakeholders, specialised in clear comms, future planning, making quick decisions, inspiring customers visually and protecting the customer journey. I will forever be grateful to the two amazing teams who gave me my start into both commercial worlds – the individuals who valued and shaped me – empowered me to ask more of myself, whilst finding my own professional voice.

Listening, laughing, striving for better

Unbeknownst to me I would find my Argos Nectar360 family so soon – which would nicely wrap both commercial worlds together, more stakeholders & platforms, direct exposure to brands and extraordinary colleagues with huge hearts and ambitions. I have a supportive ecosystem within my team where I am valued, encouraged to develop & refine my skills, and inspire others with my creativity. I feel very lucky to have worked with so many teams and clients so quickly– collaborative working, refining efficiencies and seeking exciting new opportunities. Twelve years later working for the business and I am still loving what I do within Argos Client Services team (a year and a half in role!) – listening, laughing, striving for better, inspiring brands, making mistakes, and learning from them!

It’s a funny feeling each time I return to the store that gave me my first career – standing exactly where my ghost-self did years ago, unknown of where I may end up. I feel nostalgic and so proud of my achievements & showing those around what I have to offer.

Each year I’m astounded by the depth of my learnings & experiences, inspired by incredible teams external and from within a business that I love. It’s empowering not knowing exactly what is up next for me – succeed or fail – but knowing I am up for the challenge to find out and add to my layers.

Bella Oldham

Senior Campaign & Media Management Executive, Argos Client Services

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