Supercharge your business by unleashing the power and scale of Nectar’s unrivalled first party customer data.

For two decades we’ve delivered value for our partners by helping them understand how to leverage customer data to drive desired business outcomes.

At the heart of all Nectar partnerships is our ability to uncover key customer insights that deliver the ‘why,’ leading to more effective customer strategies, optimised marketing, and data-driven decision making.

At Nectar360, we work closely with our Nectar partners to:
  • put customer data at the centre of decision making, and deliver actionable insights that have a measurable impact
  • personalise marketing by creating powerful segmentations and audiences through our unique 360° view of the customer
  • measure and optimise long-term loyalty programme performance and campaign effectiveness
  • use predictive analytics to keep ahead of the competition with a growth mindset
  • deliver unique data and analytics consultancy to take your business to the next level.

Data and Insights

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Case Study

Driving growth

Nectar Travel

Evolving Nectar’s existing network of 8 travel partners to drive incremental revenue through innovative sector wide ideas.
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Case Study


Nectar Loyalty

A 360° view of customer engagement.
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