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What is the Ecommerce Media Platform?

The Ecommerce Media Platform (EMP) is an easy-to-use self-service system. It reduces the lead time for ads serving on the websites from several weeks to only several hours. The transparent cost per click (CPC)/cost per impression (CPI) pricing models allow for attributable results to be gained through mid-flight campaign optimisation and post-campaign analysis. One of the most important features is that EMP allows real-time campaign analysis for media performance metrics and sales metrics.

Types of service available (self-service vs managed-service)

There are two services available for EMP, self-service and managed-service.

Self-service clients are provided with onboarding training, access to live data reports on EMP, EMP campaign set-up training sessions, EMP campaign optimisation training sessions and access to EMP help pages to help facilitate optimal campaign performance.

Managed-service clients have everything provided to self-serve clients, in addition to a dedicated ad operations executive to set up and optimise campaigns.

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