Enabling suppliers to gain a greater understanding of their consumer, category, brands and SKUs within Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s Insights Platform

We have built on over a decade of insight gathering to create a new solution that delivers in-depth reporting and analysis, faster and in more detail, than ever before, enabling you to understand your customers better than anyone else. We are excited to present to you our new product which will be replacing Self Serve in the summer of 2020. Sainsbury’s Insight Platform, powered by Nectar, is an evolution from our successful Self Serve product will be even quicker, more intuitive and more responsive to your insight needs.

New Features

  • Interactive and personalised homepage
  • A simpler, redesigned User Interface
  • ‘Ask a question’ – Guided Q&A Analysis
  • Multi-device, browser-based system
  • Brand and Manufacturer attributes
  • New interactive report outputs
  • View multiple reports simultaneously


  • More intuitive report builder
  • New methodologies – including simpler switching analysis
  • Report rationalisation – reducing duplication & consolidated view
  • Customer follow-on
  • No more SKU or Store limits on reports
  • More measures including repeat rates and share in Key Measures
This new, exciting industry benchmark insight platform will truly give you the insight and customer understanding required to drive your business and build your relationship with Sainsbury’s.

For more information please contact enquiries@nectar360.co.uk

Case Study

Little Glass campaign


Driving campaign relevance, to targeted meaningful shoppers.
Case Study

Driving growth

Nectar Travel

Evolving Nectar’s existing network of 8 travel partners to drive incremental revenue through innovative sector wide ideas.