Enabling suppliers to gain a greater understanding of their consumer, category, brands and SKUs within Sainsbury’s and Argos.

Sainsbury’s Insights Platform

We built on over a decade of insight gathering to create a bespoke insight solution that delivers in-depth reporting and analysis, faster and in more detail, than ever before, enabling you to understand your customers better than anyone else. Sainsbury’s Insights Platform combines rich customer data with billions of rows of transactional data in an easy to use interface and is used by hundreds of internal colleagues and Sainsbury’s suppliers on a daily basis.


What you want to know about SIP

Can anyone get access to the platform?

Yes, any Sainsbury’s or Argos supplier can subscribe to Sainsbury’s Insight Platform


How much does it cost?

We have a range of packages available for all size of suppliers to suit varying budgets and insight requirements


What data will I see?

3 full years of full transactional and customer data for your category, including sales of both your own and competitor products. The data is packaged into easy to run reports on Product and Category Performance, Customer behaviour, Ranging, Promotions and New Product Development.



What do I need to access Sainsbury’s Insight Platform?

SIP is a web based browser access via Sainsbury’s secure Together With supplier portal. All you need is an internet connection and up to date browser… Currently supported are:

  • Google Chrome version 76 and above
  • Microsoft Edge version 79 and above
  • Firefox version 68 and above
  • Safari version 13 and above


What support do I get?

Subscribers to SIP receive full training from one of our consultants and access to our help desk for any ongoing queries. We also have a large library of e-learning videos, run regular tutorials, and send out a quarterly newsletter with hints, tips and other useful information. Our training and support team receive great feedback and we take huge pride in helping users get the most of the platform.

Click here to see Sandy, our training and support manager talking about the product launch last year and how we adapted to some of the challenges posed by COVID.

“Wow! I have to say … I use a LOT of different reporting dashboards, and I think this is one of the most user friendly ones I have ever come across. Super well done!!” – Category manager, Large FMCG supplier

For more information please contact enquiries@nectar360.co.uk

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A 360° view of customer engagement.
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