Our customer segmentations, built using Nectar data, give the most comprehensive, 360° view of how your customers engage across product categories.

Knowing your customers

The scale and depth of the Nectar data gives a unique opportunity to better understand how your customers interact with each product area and the patterns that their preferences follow over time. We have a proven expertise in transforming this data into vivid and distinct customer segments which can be leveraged within your wider business initiatives.

What did we want to achieve?

Our unique data asset enables a market leading, 6-step approach to customer segmentation, utilising a breadth of clustering, profiling and data science techniques.

Our projects include the facilitation of collaborative workshops to

incorporate your contextual expertise into the final solutions.

At the final stage, our ability to speak to Nectar customers directly via market research helps us understand the specific motivations behind their shopping behaviour.

  1. What do customers see as the product groups in the category?
  2. On what occasions are customers cross-shopping across product groups?
  3. Which customers show similar preferences across shopping occasions?
  4. Who are these customer groups?
  5. What else do we know about these customers?
  6. Why do these customers shop the way they do?

The results

Our retail consultant experts can refine this new customer perspective into specific recommendations to drive the largest impact for your business and move the dial on how each customer group views your brand.

Some of our previous projects in this space have resulted in significant impact and success in areas such as range changes, promotional strategy, new product development, targeted media activations and ongoing performance measurement

Case Study

Health Capabilities

Understanding Customer Health
Customer viewing fruit juice representing Customer Health Insights
Case Study

Driving growth

Nectar Travel

Evolving Nectar’s existing network of 8 travel partners to drive incremental revenue through innovative sector wide ideas.
Image of biker taking in a view of the mountains & blue sky
Case Study

Little Glass campaign


Driving campaign relevance, to targeted meaningful shoppers.
Image of Tropicana carton with glass of orange juice
Case Study

Organic September


Fully integrated FMCG-led category campaign in Sainsbury’s.
Sign of Choose Organic for September