Use the full breadth of Nectar360’s capabilities to build a picture of the importance of health to your customers and how it drives their behaviour.
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Your new health lens

Are you looking to build an in-depth view of how health is impacting your customer’s decisions? Nectar360’s range of data sources, segmentations and statistical techniques can help.

What do we know?

Preparing for change using millions of customer transactions

Want to know if your customers are likely to swap to healthier alternatives? Could an understanding of how healthy their baskets are, guide future strategy? We can even see how this compares across the wider segment audience.

By using over 15 million Nectar customer’s transactions and product-level data, we can start to understand how upcoming regulations will affect your customers and the wider category based on current shopping trends.

Customers’ wants and needs

Are customers with specific dietary needs more valuable to your brand? Or are you looking to tailor your campaign messaging based on customer’s attitudes towards health?

Through a combination of survey data and advanced statistical techniques we are able to segment customers based on their attitudes towards health. Furthermore, Nectar data allows us to identify customer’s dietary preferences for meat, fish, gluten and dairy. These unique measures can then be utilised to identify opportunities for new products and to understand who your key audience is.

Hear from customers directly

Would hearing about customer’s decision-making processes influence key marketing decisions?

Our market research abilities allow us to speak to Nectar customers directly and understand their preferences and decisions in more detail. This aspect forms the final piece of the puzzle and brings together an all-encompassing view of customer health and associated market trends.


Are concerned by how much sugar they consume


Say their current financial situation prevents them from buying healthier foods


Are actively trying to lose weight

Source: Grocery Tracker Q2 2022

What can we answer?

  1. How healthy are my customer's baskets compared to the wider category?
  2. What will the impact be when removing promotions from secondary space due to HFSS?
  3. Are customers thinking about giving up meat in the next year?
  4. What proportion of my existing customer base has a specific dietary requirement?
  5. How large is the potential audience for a new plant-based product?

Want to find out more?

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Understanding how customers shopped the category
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