Increasing customer engagement with the Sainsbury’s and Argos beauty categories and their distinctive product ranges.

Generating awareness & driving sales​

2019 marked the 10th year of the Beauty Awards in Sainsbury’s. We wanted to dial up the awards from previous years – increasing votes and category sales, whilst also showcasing Sainsbury’s new Beauty Transformation stores and the quality and innovation of the nominated products.

Our solution

Two clear strategies were followed

Driving customer voting:

Digital and at-home media channels led with a ‘Vote to Win’ message, driving shoppers to the voting page on with an opportunity to enter a competition.

Driving sales in store and online:

The in store campaign focused on sales and incentivised shoppers through a Nectar ‘Swipe to Win’ competition.

The campaign featured 44 beauty brands activated across 16 media channels throughout the customer journey.

How did we drive voting?

We utilised Nectar’s transactional data to reach the most relevant shoppers.

We identified the most valuable beauty shoppers within Sainsbury’s and engaged them through email and digital display ads. In the days directly following the email being sent, we saw a significant increase in the number of votes (over 300%) and an increase in entrants to the competition.

For the digital display ads, we also used a modelled audience, based on Sainsbury’s beauty shoppers, with the aim of extending reach and identifying the best look-a-like prospects.

In addition, social media activity took place with both Sainsbury’s and a number of nominated brands posting about the awards to further customer engagement.

A seamless online shopper journey

All digital channels linked through to the voting page on, making the user experience also supported the awards with high traffic homepage banners and a dedicated beauty shelf.

After voting, shoppers were then given the opportunity to enter the competition. Engagement was strong, with 66% of those voting entering the competition.

How did we drive sales?

Targeted stores and media alignment

Activity centred around the best Sainsbury’s stores for the Beauty category. These included Beauty Transformation stores and stores identified by Nectar transactional data with a high penetration in the beauty aisle. For maximum campaign amplification, we worked far in advance of the awards to ensure availability and alignment of all media in these stores.

Incentivising purchase of nominated products through a Nectar Swipe to Win Competition

The challenge of clearly identifying the 44 eligible products to shoppers, whilst also raising general awareness of the category, was met through a combination of mass awareness driving store media (such as Entrance Gates) and more focused in-aisle and plinth media (such as Competition Barkers and at shelf Ticket Highlighters).

Distinctive digital content

Alongside the traditional in store media channels created, our Design Studio team also created a series of digital artworks for each of the 6 categories.

These creatives were used across digital 6-sheets, with the aim of dynamically disrupting the shopper journey, as well as showcasing all the nominated products in each of the categories up for grabs.


Strong and positive uplifts


votes on previous year


of voters entered the online competition


category sales uplift


nominated products sales uplift