Racial equality in the workplace is an extremely important topic to me. As a person from an ethnic background, to be represented, respected, and included is an ongoing and immensely important talking point.

What is it?

It’s important in the workplace to feel your voice is being heard and that you’re not being judged purely on your ethnic background. Racial equality is built on the core principals of acceptance and about ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their race or ethnicity have access to the same opportunities.

How Nectar360 has showcased it

  • Major proponent in embracing Racial Equality Week across the business which ran from the 5th till the 11th of Feb.
  • Senior leaders making pledges during REW exhibiting Sainsburys commitment to removing barriers in the workplace.
  • Hugely diverse and multicultural workforce across all levels and seniority of the business
  • Various seminars, panels and courses aimed at showcasing, furthering the development and representation of ethnic minorities at work.
  • Huge focus in the ‘make it better’ aspect of Sainsburys and Nectar360 values in ensuring all colleagues across the wider business are treated fairly and equally.

Personally, seeing people of colour or ethnic backgrounds across the business being in senior positions as well as the various opportunities presented to grow, gives me great motivation and belief that I can succeed in my field at Nectar360.

Alistair Fisher

– AD Ops Executive