Our industry is evolving with the most advanced technology we’ve ever seen. In the world of retail media, there’s so much out there on the latest advancements in adtech or the power of data-driven insights, but there’s one thing at the centre of it all: the people behind the technology. 

 It’s not to say these developments in technology aren’t something to be marvelled at. They undeniably drive the industry forward, yet amongst this tech-frenzy we’ve been seeing in recent years, it’s essential we highlight the value of the people who build and design it, and the people who bring the data and opportunity to life,  the value of a human touch. Being hugely passionate about client services, I couldn’t help but share my own perspectives on why the team we have here at Nectar360 is such a crucial part of our success.


The people behind the powerhouse

At Nectar360, we often talk about how our advancements in technology are the powerhouse behind the growth of retail media; however, I would argue the true differentiator among retail media networks sits with the quality of client service and their understanding of our clients’ needs and ambition as well as their understanding of our customers behaviour. Technology forms the foundations, but it’s the human expertise that really brings these systems to life. Our platforms are powered by individuals who understand our clients, the retail media landscape, and how to leverage insights to work effectively alongside the algorithms and data. Our goal is to present the optimal choices and solutions for driving growth and success for everyone involved. 

We’re currently transitioning into a self-serve model for our Nectar360 digital solutions. This system being self-serve allows our clients to make in-the-moment decisions that fit in with their day-to-day. However, this shift doesn’t remove the need for a professional, human touch from our people, who are there to understand the intricacies of our client’s and consumer’s needs. The success of self-serve platforms is significantly enhanced by the insights of these experts behind the technology. 

Human input will always be vital because it brings a depth of understanding that machines can’t replicate. One thing that has always made Nectar360 stand out from the crowd is our commitment to human values. While driving our passion for evolving the retail media space, we remain deeply rooted in people, from client services to always having a customer-first mindset. Our team are experts at interpreting data in the context of real-world challenges, enabling us to create tailor-made solutions that resonate with our clients, providing that extra layer of insight that enhances decision making. 

There’s no Tech behind Trust

The key to success in retail media, as in all aspects of business, is building trust with your client and consumer. Trust is an innately emotional response, something machines cannot replicate, and as studies prove that all decision making is driven by emotions, it’s clear that human input is critical when it comes to building client and consumer relationships. Clients need to feel confident that their needs, concerns and goals are understood and addressed. Our client services at Nectar360 work as trusted advisors, offering expert support and guidance that builds long-term relationships. 

It’s really all about balance. The collaboration between technology and human expertise is what truly sets Nectar apart; our data, scale and media digitisation is impressive, but it would be nothing without the essence, deep knowledge, skillset, and passion for retail that comes with a human touch. 


Liz Guiney
Group Client Director at Nectar360

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