Doors Open & Breakfast

Get ready for an exhilarating morning as the doors swing open to the Nectar360 Retail Media Summit! Dive deep into the future of Retail Media with fireside chats and panels featuring industry leaders and partners. Discover where Retail Media is heading and how it impacts you today. Doors open at 09:00 AM Start the day off with a delightful spread of pastries, fresh fruit, and aromatic coffee – the perfect way to kick off your day!

Doors open at 09:00 AM!

Start the day off with a delightful spread of pastries, fresh fruit, and aromatic coffee – the perfect way to kick off your day!


Opening Address – Illuminating Retail Media: Navigating Trends, Insights, and Customer Experiences

Amir Rasekh, Managing Director – Nectar360

Join Amir Rasekh, Managing Director – Nectar360 as he sets the scene for an engaging and informative day.

In this dynamic landscape, where digital choices abound, understanding the path retail media is on is essential.

Let’s explore the key insights that will guide us through today:

  • Explosive Growth of Retail Media: Buckle up!
  • Power of First-Party Data: Marketeers North Star.
  • Omnichannel Opportunities: Everything starts with a spark of insight.
  • Strategic Collaborations: Aligning the stars!
  • Measurement and Optimization: Our closed-loop compass.

Join us as we invite attendees to explore the dynamic world of retail media, and leave inspired with what the future has instore for this growing area of marketing.


Keynote Speaker – Crossing the Chasm: How Retailers and Brands Can Deliver on the Promise of Retail Media

Colin Lewis – Retail Media Works

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail media, brands and retailers face unique challenges and opportunities. Colin Lewis, a seasoned expert in the retail media field, will delve into his thoughts on what is necessary to bridge the gap between traditional marketing approaches and the dynamic world of retail media. Drawing from real-world examples and industry insights, Lewis will explore how retailers and brands can effectively leverage retail media to enhance brand visibility, drive sales, and influence shopper behaviour.

Join Colin Lewis in this must not miss session as he shares actionable insights, practical tips, a vision for the future of retail media and of course his unmistakeable humour. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to deliver on the promise of retail media in an ever-changing market.


Retail Media Unplugged: A Global-Local Dialogue

Mark Given, Chief Marketing Officer – Sainsburys Group & Craig McDonald, Partner, Media & Advertising – McKinsey

In this dynamic panel discussion, McKinsey and Sainsbury’s come together to explore the evolving retail media landscape from both global and local vantage points.

As the retail industry undergoes seismic shifts driven by e-commerce, advertisers seek innovative ways to engage consumers. Our experts will delve into the current state of retail media networks, dissecting the forecast $100 billion market.

We’ll uncover the secrets of Retail Media Networks success, including how to capture advertising spending, address advertiser pain points, and provide differentiated value. Moreover, we’ll discuss the future landscape—what lies ahead for Retail Media Networks, omnichannel shopping, and the integration of social media and personalized experiences in physical stores.

Join us for insights, strategies, and a forward-looking perspective on reshaping retail through media innovation.


Panel Discussion – Retail Media Silos, RIP:  Embracing the Omnichannel Future

In Partnership with Kenshoo Skai

Chaired by: Nich Weinheimer, EVP Strategy – Skai
Panellists: Larisa Dumitru, Head of eCommerce EMEA – GroupM Nexus, Wiktoria Malicka, Global Amazon Media Manager – Versuni & David Peterson, GM Global Head of Retail Media – Epsilon

As the definition of retail media expands, particularly within omnichannel retailers offering a diverse array of online and offline, onsite and offsite opportunities, new challenges emerge for both retailers and advertisers.

Retailers strive to enhance fill rates on digital inventory while endeavouring to access “brand” budgets. Meanwhile, brands grapple with proving the incremental value of their retail media investments and measuring their effectiveness across the broader omnichannel landscape.

Join us as we navigate the evolving retail media landscape, exploring the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for embracing an omnichannel future.


Fireside Chat – A 360 view on the Retail Media Landscape

Amir Rasekh, Managing Director – Nectar360 & Paul Brooks, General Manager – Coles 360

Amir Rasekh and Paul Brooks take the stage in a fireside chat that promises to be both enlightening and thought-provoking. As industry leaders in retail media, they share their perspectives on the evolving landscape, drawing from their experiences in the UK and Australia.

Hear their thoughts on:

  • Retail Media’s Ascendance, and exactly where we are on this wave.
  • Each businesses approach to taking activation beyond the in-store environment to create full funnel offerings.
  • How customer experience is paramount to creating meaningful shopper interactions.

Join Amir and Paul as they delve into the future of retail media, dissecting trends, challenges, and strategies to ensure a seamless customer experience. Their fireside chat promises actionable insights for marketers navigating this dynamic landscape.

This fireside chat will undoubtedly spark engaging discussions and inspire attendees to rethink their retail media strategies.



Are you ready to recharge and refuel during the Nectar360 Retail Media Summit? Look no further!

Our carefully curated light lunch is designed to tantalize your taste buds while you network and gain insights from industry leaders.


Navigating the Future of Retail Media: Insights from Mondelez

Tom Priestman, Director of Client Services – Nectar360 & Qaiser Bachani, Consumer Experience Lead, Europe & Global Brands – Mondelez

In this engaging fireside chat, industry leaders Tom Priestman, Director of Client Services at Nectar360, and Qaiser Bachani, Consumer Experience Lead, Europe and Global Brands at Mondelez, will delve into the exciting landscape of retail media.

The discussion will revolve around three key themes:

  1. How retail media always begins with customer insight
  2. Internal Preparedness: How Brands Set Themselves Up for Retail Media Success
  3. Future Trends in Retail Media: Mondelez’s Vision

Attendees can expect insights into personalized experiences, data driven targeting, and the role of the consumer within retail media.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights from two industry experts!


Panel Discussion – Democratisation of retail media: Whatever’s Next?

Chaired By: Alice Anson, Director of Digital – Nectar360
Panellists: Ben Sylvan, VP, Data Partnerships – The Trade Desk, Harriet Perry, Chief Media and Partnerships Officer – OMG UK & Hash Mian, VP Commerce for the Americas – PubMatic

In this dynamic panel discussion, industry leaders come together to explore the evolving landscape of retail media. As the digital ecosystem continues to transform, these key players share insights, strategies, and visions for the future.

Hear their thoughts on:

  1. Democratisation of Retail Media: Bridging the Gap
  2. The Future of Retail Media: Data-Driven Strategies
  3. Navigating the Ever-Evolving Role of Retail Media
  4. Collaboration and Innovation: Paving the Way Forward

Join us as we delve into the democratisation of retail media, explore cutting-edge strategies, and envision a future where seamless customer experiences bridge the gap between online and offline realms.


Panel Discussion – Creativity may be the missing ingredient to fully unlock retail data’s potential

In Partnership with Accenture

Chaired By: Jess Arthurs, Head of Growth Marketing – Accenture Song
Panellists: Jatinder Singh, Global Data + AI Lead – Accenture Song , Tom Jenen, Strategic Advisor – Accenture Song & Sophie Neary, Managing Director, Retail and Consumer Goods – Google UKI

As the landscape continues to evolve, retail media is emerging not just as a new platform, but as the battleground for creativity where the fusion of innovation, data, technology, and marketing could redefine customer experience. Retail Media is a full-funnel vehicle, as much about awareness and affinity as it is about activation. But it is now facing its own creative coming of age. How can retailers and brands come together to take advantage of the opportunity by unlocking the power of creative and data in retail media?


Navigating the differences in the impulse shopper marketing experience Vs the regular grocery shopper – insights from 7-Eleven

In Partnership with CvE

Fiona Davis, Global VP of Growth – CvE & Mario Mijares, VP Marketing, Loyalty and Monetization Platforms – 7-Eleven

In this engaging fireside chat, industry leaders Fiona Davis, Global VP of Growth at Control Vs Exposed, and Mario Mijares, VP of Marketing, Loyalty, and Monetization Platforms – 7-Eleven, will delve into the world of the convenience shopper.

The discussion will revolve around three key themes:

  1. The different buying behaviours of a consumer in convenience shopper mode Vs regular weekly/monthly grocery shop mode
  2. The marketing challenges and opportunities the immediate/impulse shopper presents
  3. How to leverage the unique insights of the immediate shopper to improve your brand marketing

Attendees can expect insights into convenience shopper behaviours, new product launch testing, and the role of the convenience shopper within retail media and wider brand marketing.


Fireside Chat – Powering Up Retail Media: The Role of Big Tech and AI

In Partnership with Microsoft

Mark Given, Chief Marketing Officer – Sainsburys Group & Lynne Kjolso, VP of Global Partnerships & Retail Media – Microsoft

In this discussion join Mark Given, Sainsburys CMO & Lynne Kjolso, Microsoft’s VP of Global Partnerships and Retail Media as they delve into leveraging Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, along with Sainsbury’s rich datasets, to transform the retail experience.

Understand their thoughts on:

  • Using AI to enhance customer experiences
  • Empowering teams through AI
  • The role of big tech in data-driven business transformation

Leave understanding the broad reach of technology within the retail media space and what the role of generative AI could be within the retail media space.

Join two industry legends as a fly on the wall to what will be an engaging conversation, this is a do not miss session within the Cannes calendar!


Closing Remarks – Checkout Complete: Closing Thoughts on Retail Media Trends

Mark Given, Chief Marketing Officer – Sainsburys Group

Join us for the grand finale of our retail media conference as we wrap up an exhilarating journey through the ever-evolving landscape of retail media. In this closing session, Mark Given, Chief Marketing Officer at Sainsbury’s, will share his insights, reflections, and predictions for the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trends Rewound: We’ll revisit the most impactful trends that shaped retail media this year.
  • Data-Driven Strategies: Mark will delve into the power of data analytics and its role in optimizing retail media campaigns.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: How can brands create meaningful connections with shoppers?
  • Innovation Spotlight: Discover the latest innovations and technologies driving retail media success.

Whether you’re a seasoned retail professional or just dipping your toes into this dynamic field, this session promises valuable insights and actionable ideas.

Don’t miss out on the final checkout—our bags are packed with knowledge!


Sundowners on the Terrace

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the Côte d’Azur, we invite you to unwind and celebrate the successful Nectar360 Retail Media Summit. Hosted by Mark Given, CMO of Sainsbury’s, this exclusive event promises an evening of networking, inspiration, and breathtaking views.

Sundowner Highlights:

  • Venue: The elegant Marta Rooms Terrace at the iconic Hotel Majestic, nestled on the Cannes coastline.
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed, yet sophisticated – the perfect blend of business and pleasure.
  • Networking: Connect with industry leaders, partners, and fellow attendees while sipping a cooling drink.
  • Retail Media Insights: Reflect on the day’s discussions and gain fresh perspectives on the future of Retail Media.
  • Toast to Success: As the stars emerge, raise your glass to new connections, innovative ideas, and the exciting path ahead in Retail Media. Let the gentle sea breeze carry your conversations and laughter into the night.