What does Inspiring Inclusion mean to you?

It is a commitment to building a culture that celebrates difference. At Nectar360, we Inspire Inclusion by recognising and celebrating individuals’ unique perspectives and differences. We continue to amplify our collective voices by creating a welcoming environment that embraces all.


In your opinion, what are some of the key qualities that make a successful female leader in the industry today?

The female leaders that have inspired me over the years (& I have tried to learn from) have a unique ability to combine dreaming big with a clear articulation of the ‘why’ and how they create energy behind the ‘what’ and ‘how’. I know this is 101 of leadership but it is the consistency that sets them apart.


What’s your number one advice on fostering a culture of inclusion that goes beyond just gender diversity, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued?

Create a sense of belonging and support. This plays through by colleagues knowing they can always be their authentic self at Nectar360. Everyone has a voice, and they are encouraged to say what is on their mind, without fear of being judged or there being negative consequences.

We also place great importance on recognising the great contributions colleagues bring to Nectar360 and celebrate colleagues’ unique strengths and talent.


What’s your best advice on addressing unconscious biases and promoting fairness and equality in the workplace?
  • Be aware of your own unconscious bias and commit to addressing them.
  • Support your team to be mindful of their behaviour.
  • Widen your social and work networks – lean into the communities where support and cheerleading is encouraged.
  • Choose values over borrowed beliefs.


How can International Women’s Day be a catalyst for positive change in the workplace, and what message would you like to share with women around the world?

It needs to be a concerted and collective effort that goes beyond one day – I’m committed to playing my part in the change and would encourage others to do the same. For what it is worth, the message I would share is taken from the conversation I have with my daughter (Maya) regularly – know your value, be confident in your abilities, and know anything is possible – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


How do you ensure that women in your team know that gender is not a barrier to what they can achieve at Nectar360?

At my core I believe that with the right attitude, self-awareness, and hard work (working smartly not long hours!) you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. Nothing should hold you back especially not diversity. This is the lens that I do my best to bring to my own leadership of Nectar360.


Amir Rasekh

– Managing Director, Nectar360

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