‘Being Human’

– one of the company’s core values and one that is so important to me.

For years I have struggled with my mental health and the topic is always at the forefront of my mind. It is one of the reasons why I wanted to be a Wellbeing Rep alongside my day to day work within the Delivery team, Argos Client Services.

One of the things that drew me to Nectar360 was the culture – it’s mindful, accepting, encouraging and ‘real’. I’ve tried explaining my challenges to previous employers and other teams, but this is the first time I’ve really felt heard and understood. I believe it’s truly lead from the top and filtered through the team structures. My manager Faye is just incredible. The way she has built a team of such likeminded, caring, empowering people is just admirable. She leads by example and it really does show in all of our work. We work hard, we have fun and we look after each other. This is the environment we all champion and try to spread to the wider team[s] too.

Feeling ‘seen’ and ‘heard’

Myself and Faye have collated a list of things that we all do as a team to make sure everyone feels ‘seen’ and ‘heard’.

  • We all say ‘good morning’, and see how each other are
  • We have a traffic light system to gauge how we are all feeling work-wise, as well as personally – if anyone is amber or red, we know we need to have a separate conversation and see where we can help
  • We utilise smarter working to give ourselves time to reset and do the things that help us
  • We are open and honest if we need ‘time out’ – even on office days and face to face meetings
  • We make the most of being face to face, have a giggle, have some nice food (we are all foodies) and just chat
  • We make time for each other and check in
  • Social call once a week
  • We encourage each other to get outside during our breaks and have walking meetings
  • Appreciating the value of a gif!
  • Having a safe space to speak open and freely with no judgement – being vulnerable and talking about my own experiences
  • Educating others on how to manage mental health within work
  • Keeping communication going while hybrid working is more common than ever
  • A ‘fake commute’ on the days that we work from home – setting ourselves up for the day and then for the evening
  • Regular check in’s through the day, and encouraging the team to ask for help if needed
  • Celebrating any win, big or small
  • Encouraging annual leave to be taken
  • Making use of quiet hour and non-meeting days to focus
  • An important work/life balance
Isabel Woodcock

Campaign & Media Management Executive, Argos Client Services

Faye Brooks

Senior Campaign and Media Delivery Manager, Argos Client Services 

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