Last week, Katy Cook (Digital Strategist) and I had the pleasure of being invited to present at one of Wavemaker’s coveted Friday morning ‘Who, What, Wow!’ virtual learning sessions, hosted by Oliver Turner, Wavemaker Commerce Lead.

Following a warm welcome from Ollie, I began by providing a concise overview of our offering and key benefits, including how Wavemaker’s clients can access permissioned 1st party customer data – all based on Sainsbury’s and Argos shopper habits – to power and deliver digital campaigns across best-in-class partners like Meta, DV360, YouTube, Sky, and Channel 4, with the added benefits of complete closed-loop attribution and excellent ROAS.

Real-time response demo

Following this, to give Wavemaker a detailed insight into how we use our Nectar customer data to provide data-led targeted audiences for brands, Katy then took them ‘behind the scenes’ of our Sainsbury’s Insights Platform (SIP), which informs everything we do when it comes to responding to client briefs. To bring it to life, we took Wavemaker through a response in real time, using their Danone client as an example. We were able to share key transactional & shopper insights that ultimately prompted the final campaign strategy recommendation.

We are on hand to assist with any briefs from any of our agency partners. Using insights gleaned from our customers’ transactions both in-store and online, Nectar360 offers strategic, data-led planning to all brands looking for optimum performance in the ever-growing retail media space. Please reach out to me for any further details –

We’d like to thank Wavemaker for giving us the opportunity to join them today; we gather attendance was especially strong, and we appreciated the questions and kind feedback! Special thank you to Oliver Turner and Emma Dibben for their support in setting this up!

Alex Bailey

Digital Client Director

12 February 2024

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