The wholesale food and distribution company, Brakes, is known for supplying to the catering industry. In March 2020, Brakes and Nectar collaborated to increase customer engagement and drive loyalty through a digital Nectar Millionaire campaign.

Stronger with Brakes

At Nectar, we work with many B2B brands. Brakes – the renowned wholesale food and distribution company – were looking to engage with more of their customers and educate them to the real value they deliver through our partnership. Together, we worked to create a campaign that would incentivise and drive ongoing loyalty.

Our Solution

To meet the objectives, we looked to heavily incentivise and educate Brakes’ customers on the benefits and value that can be collected through the partnership and through the Nectar app. This included a series of offers throughout March and April 2020, and participating in each offer earned customers an entry to a Nectar Millionaire prize draw.

This included a series of offers throughout March and April 2020.

Nectar channel exclusive offers

  • 2 offers of points mulipliers
  • 2 offers of point prizes for transactions over a certain value
  • 1 offer rewarding Brakes customers for cashing in points at Sky Store

Rewarding customers for linking accounts

  • Linking customers’ Nectar cards to their Brakes accounts and opting in through Brakes’ channels gave customers a bonus entry to the grand prize draw. Plus, customers received 3x points on all spend for all of March

Nectar millionaire draw

  • Customers were awarded an entry into a Nectar millionaire prize draw for every promotion they participated in – with some offers allowing multiple entries to encourage repeat transactions
  • At the end of the campaign, entries were randomly selected and 7 Nectar point grand prizes given out; 1 x 1 million point winner, 1 x 500,000 point winner and 5 x 100,000 point winners


Half way through the campaign, government guidance around Covid-19 resulted in a significant majority of Brakes’ customers closing. In spite of this, however, the campaign yielded a 9% spend uplift and positive ROI

  • This campaign helped to increase app engagement by 53% YOY
  • Over 37% of customers engaged with at least 2 of the promotions, and 19% earned points with at least 3 promotions
  • This campaign drove engagement from a new customer base – 6.5% of customers were earning points with Brakes for the first time
  • Nectar Millionaire also drove customer linking. Prior to the impact of Covid-19, the campaign was on track to deliver a 31% increase in customer activation vs the previous month