In October 2022 we ran a marketing campaign for Sainsbury’s SmartShop, powered by Nectar360 loyalty programme data. The goal was to reach new customers across the TV landscape and increase usage amongst existing customers.
Sainsbury's Smartshop

Sainsburys SmartShop allows our customers to scan and bag products as they go via an app on their phone or an instore handset. This enables them to better manage their grocery shop and save time at the till.

Our solution

The strategy and targeting for this campaign was built by Nectar360 in collaboration with Sainsbury’s customer analytics

Using our data insights platform we were able to create customer profiles of existing Smartshop users. This allowed us to create segmentation for similar customers who had not yet trialled Smartshop. Along with this, we created segmentation for light SmartShop usage triallists.

This enabled us to reach:

  • 212k potential Smartshop acquisition households.
  • 64k light usage households


Sainsbury's Smartshop



of total customers targeted used Smartshop following exposure to this campaign


total ROI


of the acquisition audience converted

This campaign inspired habitual use: 38% of the light usage audience not only converted, but used SmartShop on average 6 times over the 8 week period.

Measurement against a control audience demonstrated a very strong SmartShop spend uplift, directly attributable to this campaign.

Enabling our Sainsbury’s customers to spend via SmartShop in this way supported them to manage their grocery spend, whilst saving time.

In addition, we built learnings around who converted due to this campaign and their shopping habits; invaluable for informing future targeting strategies.

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