Jake Sudlow, Data & Insight Director at Nectar360 uncovers the power of consumer insights in the retail media space.

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail media, where consumers take their pick from a vast array of choices, insights from consumer behaviour serve as the navigational compass for retailers. Such data empowers retailers to make informed decisions, optimise marketing strategies and create personalised customer experiences that are not only efficient but engaging.

At Nectar360, customer insights are at the heart of what we do. We believe that a good customer experience is the key to success in retail, so we use our knowledge of customers behaviour to create campaigns that work well in creating impactful, measurable campaigns that work across all channels – from the comfort of home to the final point of purchase. 

Taking a Customer-Centric Approach

Using the wealth of customer data generated from the Nectar loyalty scheme, we’ve tapped into the potential of shopping behaviour and customer demographics to shape our strategies. By building a clear picture of the many, diverse things Sainsbury’s and Argos customers like, we’ve gained invaluable insights into their behaviours and preferences. We analyse this purchase behaviour to develop integrated communication strategies that really resonate, and this approach helps us accurately measure how engaged customers are and what they prefer – which, in turn, boosts the success of our campaigns. 

We leverage these insights into customer behaviours, product preferences, digital journey and our understanding of how different channels perform. We also use the data from the Nectar programme to improve and target our shopper marketing activations for maximum relevance and effectiveness.

To give you a sense of what we mean, we used a combination of survey data and advanced statistical techniques to segment customers based on their dietary preferences and attitudes to health – information that can then be used by brands to identify opportunities for new products and to understand their key audiences.

Meanwhile, to reward buyers of our organic products, we analysed 12 months of spending behaviour and built a multi-channel experience that encompassed home media (to drive consideration ahead of the next shopping mission), store channels (to remind shoppers and raise awareness), and instore POS (to create a seamless customer journey and help shoppers find organic SKUs with ease).

Our campaigns are guided by data and carefully crafted to match brand and category goals. We use more than 30 direct and in-store channels to connect with customers at various stages of their journey, and we customise creative content and incentives to match the interests of different brand audiences, creating a personalised experience. 

Evaluation and Learning

In our retail media efforts, it’s vital to assess how well our campaigns match with the specific goals we set for each individual customer. We do this by closely examining data-driven insights to see how our campaigns impact different customer groups. This not only helps us figure out if our marketing strategies are effective but also allows us to tweak our approaches as we go. In essence, these insights at the customer level help us in improving our messaging, targeting, and engagement techniques, leading to higher ROI and stronger customer connections.

Improving our future marketing campaigns relies upon learning from our past experiences. In the fast-changing world of retail, what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. By using a test-and-learn approach we can try out new strategies, test different ways of talking to customers and change our tactics when the market and customer preference change. This approach of learning and adapting helps us stay quick and responsive, making sure our retail media campaigns stay effective and ahead of the game. Insights help us to get better by using data to make smarter decisions and come up with new ideas.

In retail media, insights are the bedrock upon which successful strategies are built. At Nectar360, we’re committed to harnessing the power of data and customer understanding to shape the future of retail marketing. Our mission is clear: to empower retailers to thrive in a digital age where the customer experience reigns supreme.


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