Christmas Beer Sales

The brand wanted support with a performance campaign to drive sales during the Christmas period. They wanted Nectar to create an audience strategy to reach; brand buyers, category buyers, competitor buyers, category lapsers and consumers who purchase during holiday season etc.

The Solution

The Christmas big spenders are customers who are already shopping within the Lager aisle but have increased their spend and units purchased over the festive period. As a result, we recommend targeting existing Lager customers at a high frequency to remain front-of-mind amongst these customers and ensure the brand gains their fair share of revenue during this key period! 

Our recommended Christmas targeting strategy reached all recent Lager customers, who formed a high percentage of the overall festive spend. We recommended running at a higher frequency, to drive conversions and sales, whilst also giving  the brand an opportunity to stand out during a busy period of activation across the market.

The Results


Conversion rate​


Sales across both in store & online


Brand ROAS

8.3k of conversions were from new customers i.e. individuals that didn’t purchase the brand in the previous 26 weeks. Males received the highest number of conversions, aged 45-54.

Sales across both in store and online are customers who have been exposed to the campaign and then either gone in store or online to purchase.

The brand ROAS highlights that the campaign had a positive impact on exposed customers and successfully encouraged trial amongst new customers.

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