Bowl of crisps on table

Combining our rich customer and transactional data, we were able to review shopper and category metrics to define a clear campaign strategy for a popular crisp brand, to boost awareness and entries of their on-pack competition.

How we did it

Despite a positive performance for the brand in the last year, we identified that driving frequency of purchase should be a key objective to boost overall sales, and therefore competition entries.

Using data to inform our strategy, we split out our brand customers into either low or high frequency, based on the number of units they had purchased in the latest 26 weeks.

To further increase our campaign reach, we also identified 2 key competitor brands as a highly relevant acquisition audience to target.

The results




converted to the brand


conversion from key competitors

Out of the total exposed customers, the campaign saw an overall 34% conversion rate.

As expected, high frequency brand shoppers had the highest conversion rate.  However, the campaign successfully converted 24% of low frequency shoppers, and 25% of key competitor shoppers.

The campaign delivered an ROI of 5.0, proving that social media is a key channel for driving awareness of competitions, particularly in the crisp category.


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