Our client recently rebranded two of their multipack ale lines. To support this relaunch, we devised a comprehensive media plan aimed at boosting awareness and retaining customers for both product lines. We provided our client with an in-depth overview of their brand. We analysed category performance to understand any challenges. Using this data, we created a media guide for the year ahead that met their objectives.

This is what the data told us.


customers purchased the client’s SKUs as gifts


customers bought the products again outside of an occasion


repeat purchase rate in the same period

68% of customers purchased the client’s SKUs as gifts. They purchased the ale both instore and online, and gave it as a gift for calendar events like Easter and Christmas.

Only 18% of our client’s customers bought the products again outside of an occasion, whilst the category saw a 39% repeat purchase rate in the same period.

So, here’s what we suggested to change that behaviour.

We took an omnichannel approach. Our plan used instore, targeted and digital media to raise the profile of their products.

For digital

We identified search terms to target, focussing on those that delivered the highest ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) with the lowest CPC (Cost Per Click).

icon brands and partners
To drive brand awareness online

We suggested using homepage placements on sainsburys.co.uk to get the new branding in front of customers. It also aimed to make their digital investment work harder to increase add-to-basket rates.


We focused on the awareness metric instore too. We proposed that our client activates with fully branded media in and around stores, as well as take part in Nectar-led events. This will help drive mental availability for the range throughout the year.

We also recommended other high awareness channels

These included entrance gates, digital six sheets, trolley media, and point-of-sale in order to bring the new branding to life across the entire customer journey.

Icon customers
To drive all-year-round sales

We created a multi-wave coupon at till strategy. Sounds fancy. Here’s what it means. Customers receive coupons based on their purchasing behaviour throughout the year. Simple but effective. It increases engagement and gives customers an incentive to repurchase. As part of this, we included a test to find out the optimum discount that triggers customers to redeem the coupons.


We had one happy client. It was all the detail. The clarity of our insights and the KPIs that backed up the media plan and really impressed them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our capabilities. It’s an excellent example of how we guide our clients towards doing the right thing for their brand and the customer. This campaign will be live later in the year, so stay tuned!

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